Tracy Keough, Founder and CEO

After graduating from Cal Poly, Tracy honed her skills as a marketing manager for Intel Corp. and later director of marketing and public relations for ZapMe! Corp. She quickly realized the same “what’s in it for me” aspect of branding and consumer sales applied equally to behavior change, and that public interest campaigns could be most effective by convincing people that they would enjoy personal benefits from making a change.

So she teamed up with a small boutique advertising and public relations agency to take on campaigns addressing smoking, red light running, air quality, water quality, water conservation and waste reduction. She has continued to expand her portfolio to address traffic congestion issues, transit and active commuting. She brings 20 years of experience managing public interest campaigns to any project she tackles.

In addition, executives rely on Tracy for strategic advice on all aspects of marketing from project positioning to managing board members. She’s a sought-after consultant who understands that her role is to not only make the client look good but to help them achieve the desired outcomes.